Saturday, April 9, 2011

Its been a while. :|

Its been ages since I last updated my blog, partly because of school, mostly because of laziness.

Went out and bought some stuff last weekend

The headphones belongs to my friend. I only bought the mouse pad, been wanting one for quite some time, was quite reluctant to buy Razer stuff, but I couldn't find any other decent mouse pad. Honestly felt a bit cheated, it was like a thin piece of plastic, but it works, smooth and stuff. Thinness is a feature of it apparently. meh.. My friends headphones were nice, could get an equivalent headphone for less, but there's not many choices here. :( Want a Sennheiser.

I just got off from playing a bit of SC2, of course I lost the 2 games I played in BRONZE league. Zzz FML I suck. Arm cramps from playing, dammit. also been playing some bad company 2, no idea why but my comp crashes after an hour or 2 of that, pretty sure my comp has no problem handling the load. sigh. problems problems.

I'll make a longer post in the future, maybe wrap up the Mt.K. thing. Stay tuned. :)


  1. maybe your power supply is overheating? that was my problem.

  2. Headphones look great, don't know how well they work.

  3. rofl @sc2.

    I actually gave up sc2. I use to play in the diamond leagues for a bit but i found that i couldn't keep up with both sc2 and having a life.

    As soon as I had a few weeks off from sc2, when I came back to the scene I was losing to golds and pretty soon I was back into gold.

    Made me rage so hard.

    Butthen again whenever I played sc2 ladder I was on rageahol half the time. When I was winning I was sooo very very ecstatic but whenever I had a loss I would start breaking things. Like my headset. :(

  4. Anyway, I hate the elitism which goes on at the higher levels at sc2 anyway.

  5. wow that sucks lol. SC2 changes too fast.

    @-E-..hmmm I don't think that's the case? It doesn't happen to other games.