Sunday, April 10, 2011

....a not so daily post.

woke up today in my underwear. didn't remember much of last night. got piss drunk puked all over myself and the car. damn. gonna cost me my right nut to clean.

Today was spent mostly with a headache in bed. Need to study real bad, mid term coming up, im so screwed.

got puke all over the house apparently, haven't got around to cleaning it yet, not feeling too good.

I quit drinking.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Its been a while. :|

Its been ages since I last updated my blog, partly because of school, mostly because of laziness.

Went out and bought some stuff last weekend

The headphones belongs to my friend. I only bought the mouse pad, been wanting one for quite some time, was quite reluctant to buy Razer stuff, but I couldn't find any other decent mouse pad. Honestly felt a bit cheated, it was like a thin piece of plastic, but it works, smooth and stuff. Thinness is a feature of it apparently. meh.. My friends headphones were nice, could get an equivalent headphone for less, but there's not many choices here. :( Want a Sennheiser.

I just got off from playing a bit of SC2, of course I lost the 2 games I played in BRONZE league. Zzz FML I suck. Arm cramps from playing, dammit. also been playing some bad company 2, no idea why but my comp crashes after an hour or 2 of that, pretty sure my comp has no problem handling the load. sigh. problems problems.

I'll make a longer post in the future, maybe wrap up the Mt.K. thing. Stay tuned. :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

30/3/11 - A daily post.

Nothing much happened today, slept really late (6AM) again and went through all my classes sleepy as a koala.

Luckily I have enough experience of being sleepy that I was successful in NOT falling asleep during class although nothing really got into the brain. Went home at about 3PM, invited sisters to lunch, needed to wait for them to finish up their assignments, so I power napped for an hour, really really hungry when we finally went to eat. Phew... while we were out I went shopping for supplies(snacks). Its mostly just crackers, I likethem a lot. <3  

Healthier snacks I guess.

I have no idea if these are available anywhere else but Malaysia, but if you see them I suggest you give the peanut butter one a try. :)

After that, went to play some basketball, I'm terrible at it, so I was just shooting some hoops. Fun fun fun fun. Went home for a quick shower then went out again for dinner.

It was a restaurant we went to before, but we wanted to order something new, thus we called for the menu, lol ensues. haha

Pork Kingdom?

Turns out, there were a bunch of 'Lord of the Pork Chop'. Of course we had to order one, the Special one, so I could feel special. : | All hail the Lord of the Pork Chop. It was quite nice... unsurprisingly.

...and that's about it for the day.

---ah yeah, watching  a lot of youtube videos in 720p since my connection got upgraded, they're awesome, been watching the TSL(Starcraft 2 tournament) and wow the games are awesome. I'm certainly loving it. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

29/3/11 - A daily post.

Woke up today at 8 and tested the internet speed was the first thing I did, and wow....finally got upgraded after 2 weeks of waiting, well better late than never I guess. : |

Did a presentation for class, it was alright, thank god we did several practice run, I'm terrible at presenting anything. Class lasted until 3.30PM but my mind was on my internet connection, was thinking of how to utilize it fully.

Downloaded a couple of things with it,  my BitComet is acting up, all my past and current tasks disappeared, not too big of a deal but would still love to have them there, then went to sleep. I was quite sleep deprived cause of the blackout early in the morning just when I was about to sleep at 3AM. It was a long nap, woke up at 10PM and went to McDonalds for food since there isn't anything else open cept burger stalls and a pakistani place nearby...didn't know THAT was open until I was heading back. meh...McD was fine. I do try not to eat it too often, maybe once a month.

How often do blackouts happen where you live? Here, its almost monthly, sometimes worse, annoying stuff.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Starcraft 2 - When Cheese Fails

I've never posted a video before, but this is hilarious if you are a SC2 player/spectator.

I've never really cheesed anyone in game cause I'm still learning how to play normally, and I always get a bit annoyed when it happens to me. I do recognize cheesing as a valid tactic.

-Wow, I never knew that cheesing was actually a word. I was quite puzzled by this so I googled it. Lol ensues.

~> Cheese

I honestly did not know cheese was a type of drug. Haha.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

26/3/11 - A daily post.

Just finished watching the latest episode of house. The ending was really interesting, I hope he appears again, maybe for Masters. I think that's how her name is spelled.

Went out for dinner with my sisters cause one of their friend was having his birthday today. Just ate normal food and went to play pool, it was alright, played til I was tired.

I've been thinking of how to make money a lot lately, I can't get a trading account cause I need a minimum of RM50,000 for that, about USD16,000. I don't have that kinda money. A friend and I are contemplating importing bangles and fashion accessories from India, the company we found looks decent, but we'll still have to fly there to make a deal and all that. Then again, we need capital, this is complicated. I'm sure we'll think of a cheaper and more viable way.

Anyone have any ideas on this? It'll be a lot easier if I was in the US or something I think. I have a decent idea for a website, but I can't make one, sigh... just have to learn I guess.

Friday, March 25, 2011

25/3/11 - A daily post.

Today is Friday. Damned song.

Did almost nothing today, mostly reading blogs and such. Passed up the introduction to my essay, I think there's only 2 people in my group who can speak fluent english, so we're doing this like we're in primary school.

My sister bought a chihuahua, she can't even look after herself, why get a dog, fuck. Its way too small to be any fun too.

About the size on my hand. I have small hands.

Dog on the table.

...and I was playing the Sims Medieval for a bit, its entertaining, haven't fully get into it yet though. I also haven't played much of Assassin's creed : Brotherhood. I don't finish a lot of games. :|

If you were to get a dog, would it be a big one that's actually useful or a small one that's only for show? I feel like an idiot asking cause I already know what the answer will be. Small dogs are not fun! This guy's head is so big he has trouble walking. guhh