Thursday, March 31, 2011

30/3/11 - A daily post.

Nothing much happened today, slept really late (6AM) again and went through all my classes sleepy as a koala.

Luckily I have enough experience of being sleepy that I was successful in NOT falling asleep during class although nothing really got into the brain. Went home at about 3PM, invited sisters to lunch, needed to wait for them to finish up their assignments, so I power napped for an hour, really really hungry when we finally went to eat. Phew... while we were out I went shopping for supplies(snacks). Its mostly just crackers, I likethem a lot. <3  

Healthier snacks I guess.

I have no idea if these are available anywhere else but Malaysia, but if you see them I suggest you give the peanut butter one a try. :)

After that, went to play some basketball, I'm terrible at it, so I was just shooting some hoops. Fun fun fun fun. Went home for a quick shower then went out again for dinner.

It was a restaurant we went to before, but we wanted to order something new, thus we called for the menu, lol ensues. haha

Pork Kingdom?

Turns out, there were a bunch of 'Lord of the Pork Chop'. Of course we had to order one, the Special one, so I could feel special. : | All hail the Lord of the Pork Chop. It was quite nice... unsurprisingly.

...and that's about it for the day.

---ah yeah, watching  a lot of youtube videos in 720p since my connection got upgraded, they're awesome, been watching the TSL(Starcraft 2 tournament) and wow the games are awesome. I'm certainly loving it. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

29/3/11 - A daily post.

Woke up today at 8 and tested the internet speed was the first thing I did, and wow....finally got upgraded after 2 weeks of waiting, well better late than never I guess. : |

Did a presentation for class, it was alright, thank god we did several practice run, I'm terrible at presenting anything. Class lasted until 3.30PM but my mind was on my internet connection, was thinking of how to utilize it fully.

Downloaded a couple of things with it,  my BitComet is acting up, all my past and current tasks disappeared, not too big of a deal but would still love to have them there, then went to sleep. I was quite sleep deprived cause of the blackout early in the morning just when I was about to sleep at 3AM. It was a long nap, woke up at 10PM and went to McDonalds for food since there isn't anything else open cept burger stalls and a pakistani place nearby...didn't know THAT was open until I was heading back. meh...McD was fine. I do try not to eat it too often, maybe once a month.

How often do blackouts happen where you live? Here, its almost monthly, sometimes worse, annoying stuff.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Starcraft 2 - When Cheese Fails

I've never posted a video before, but this is hilarious if you are a SC2 player/spectator.

I've never really cheesed anyone in game cause I'm still learning how to play normally, and I always get a bit annoyed when it happens to me. I do recognize cheesing as a valid tactic.

-Wow, I never knew that cheesing was actually a word. I was quite puzzled by this so I googled it. Lol ensues.

~> Cheese

I honestly did not know cheese was a type of drug. Haha.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

26/3/11 - A daily post.

Just finished watching the latest episode of house. The ending was really interesting, I hope he appears again, maybe for Masters. I think that's how her name is spelled.

Went out for dinner with my sisters cause one of their friend was having his birthday today. Just ate normal food and went to play pool, it was alright, played til I was tired.

I've been thinking of how to make money a lot lately, I can't get a trading account cause I need a minimum of RM50,000 for that, about USD16,000. I don't have that kinda money. A friend and I are contemplating importing bangles and fashion accessories from India, the company we found looks decent, but we'll still have to fly there to make a deal and all that. Then again, we need capital, this is complicated. I'm sure we'll think of a cheaper and more viable way.

Anyone have any ideas on this? It'll be a lot easier if I was in the US or something I think. I have a decent idea for a website, but I can't make one, sigh... just have to learn I guess.

Friday, March 25, 2011

25/3/11 - A daily post.

Today is Friday. Damned song.

Did almost nothing today, mostly reading blogs and such. Passed up the introduction to my essay, I think there's only 2 people in my group who can speak fluent english, so we're doing this like we're in primary school.

My sister bought a chihuahua, she can't even look after herself, why get a dog, fuck. Its way too small to be any fun too.

About the size on my hand. I have small hands.

Dog on the table.

...and I was playing the Sims Medieval for a bit, its entertaining, haven't fully get into it yet though. I also haven't played much of Assassin's creed : Brotherhood. I don't finish a lot of games. :|

If you were to get a dog, would it be a big one that's actually useful or a small one that's only for show? I feel like an idiot asking cause I already know what the answer will be. Small dogs are not fun! This guy's head is so big he has trouble walking. guhh

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trip up Mt. Kinabalu Pt.2

This is a continuation of Trip up Mt. Kinabalu.

This post will be mostly photos as there is really nothing much to say about the climb. There were limited amount of climbers a day to help protect the ecosystem and there's a set time when everyone sets off, so there was quite a lot of people at the start. Once we started to reach the front of the pack it thinned out of course, making for a more pleasant climb. : )

I didn't really take a lot of photos of the greenery around us on the way up as it was all the same really, nothing much to see. Of course, the group was separated on the way up as everyone had different stamina. There wasn't really a need for a guide, but it was a requirement, it wasn't that expensive anyways, so it's all good. Another thing about the guide is that, ours wore a t shirt, shorts, and crocs to climb. : |

Half way up. Still feeling good.

The sky wasn't looking so good though.

At the start of the climb, there were nice stairs and they were all even and all that, but once we reached further up there were a variety of different terrain to walk through, it made things interesting, it made it hard. Slightly.

Some were like this, mud and granite.

Some were just plain mud.

Some were just granite.

It was misty.


When there was still slightly more 2KM to the rest stop, my shoes started to open up, these were my old running shoes and I didn't intend for them to 'survive' the climb but I was hoping it would last until I reached the bottom again. Ah well... marching onwards.

Some trees.


I forgot how far the rest stop was. Maybe around 7KM. It started raining heavily after this picture so no more pictures until the final ascend. I didn't even take a picture of the rest house, or whatever it is called.

Sadly, my 'rain-gear' wasn't really waterproof. I blame my dad for this, he said 'it'll do', they were wind breakers. FML

The whole bottom of my shoe fell of at the last KM from the rest house. I didn't notice it as my feet and everything else was numb from the cold, turned back a bit to get them, I hoped they would have something to stick it back on at the rest house. (there weren't) It was miserable, that last 500 meters, I was shivering, and the water was coming down the trail like a waterfall, it was like we were walking up a river really.

I reached the rest house, shivering uncontrollably, I quickly changed out of the wet clothes and just sat there with a dry towel around me for 2 hours, regaining my warmth and strength. Dinner was awesome, they did a buffet style thing, all you can eat, I ate a lot. The lodge we stayed in was kinda like a dorm really, small and 'cozy'. 4 people were in a tiny room with 2 bunk beds, I wasn't complaining, it was quite cold and the more the merrier at that point. 3 layers of blanket was also provided. I went to sleep and didn't feel a thing until the next day when we woke up for breakfast and the final ascend to the peak. One of my friend puked in the middle of the night due to the altitude, I slept through everything, didn't know a thing until the next day.

I'll continue this again in Pt. 3 in the future. This is getting a bit long. : ] Hope you enjoyed this, thinking back to this was really nostalgic to me although it was only a year ago. Fun times.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

21/3/11 - A daily post.

I had class today, woke up at 7 for a class at 8, finally understood why the teacher said 'good afternoon' to me last time when I was late, she said 'good evening' to people who were really late. ...and here I was thinking a brit has bad English.

After class I pulled a friend to eat breakfast with me, also threw my motorcycle to a shop to change the front tyre's tube thing always breaks while we ate.

At 10.30 I reached my next class, exactly on time, so says the projected desktop, not my lecturer though, he got pissed, though some were really late, about 15 minutes into the class they stroll in.

I always liked his lectures though, manages to make things interesting always. It ended around 12 noon. Went home.

Went to town to get a microwave and to do something in the bank. Pulled another friend with me. Was out for less than an hour.

At night, went out for dinner at 8.30PM then came back to my house and watched "I Sell The Dead" was quite an amusing movie, I liked it. Just don't find movies often with that kind of atmosphere and music anymore.

That concludes another day of a bored person.

What do you do when you're bored?

Monday, March 21, 2011

20/03/11 - A daily post.

I've been playing quite a bit of SC2 lately, still suck at it. My friend would come over and we would play it all day. Keep getting owned in bronze league. sigh... I suck at SC2. Need to learn to deal with rushes.

I think my classes haven't gone into full swing yet, I'm quite free, no assignments or anything. Not that I'm hoping for some. : |

I went to town for dinner last night, decided on Pizza Hut. We were stupid for choosing that. Idiots. There were obviously better place for pizza.

Now... when we reached there and took a seat there was still food scraps and stuff on the table, so I waved for a waitress to come clean up what happened next was just blew my mind, the bitch took a dry cloth over and just threw everything to the ground. WTF?! on.

After much deliberation(30 minutes), we ordered 2 large pizzas and a pitcher of soda and waited another 30 minutes for the pizza, and when it came...when it came... ... ... just wtf?

You call that a Super Supreme?!

We were starving by then, so just we just ate it instead of having to wait another 30 mimutes, it was already 9.30 at night at this point. the super supreme was supposed to have green peppers, we just assumed they ran out but no, the next pizza that came did have it. Just screw it, we decided never to go to a pizza hut in Miri EVER again. fuck that.

That was the worst experience I've ever had with any pizza. that thing wasn't cheap too, it was same price as the awesome bacon ham pizza we had the week before.

ah well... we went home after that, decided to play some poker, we only played for 30 minutes with some friend's friends, I won RM20 there, covered my meal. Then I went home and played SC2 some more, and finally bed at 5.30AM.

Woke up the next day at 1.30PM, my internet upgrade has still not been implemented, gonna call to complain soon. lazy bastards, how hard could it be... a few clicks on the computer. much rage... til next time. This will be a lousy read.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wow, what a fail.

I just failed real hard just now. Tried going into battlenet in SC2, kept typing my character(?) name instead of my account name. My friend  was over just now wanting to hang out and hoped to play on my account, sadly I kept failing to notice what I actually had to type in. FML. sigh... after about 3 hours of fiddling, doing other things, looking up blizzard forums(to no avail) I finally realized my fail.

sigh... tomorrow is gonna be a long day, slightly sick so not gonna be drinking at all, on the other hand I just upgraded my broadband package, and they said it'll be activated within 3 days, soonest in 24 hours, so I hope it'll be sooner rather than later.

I'm lost on what to blog about again, I know there's some post I need to continue on, but my 'daily post' isn't working, there just isn't enough happening around me for me to write about, the last one was so boring. :| hmm... need to think of something.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've been looking for good animes to watch recently since I have a decent enough internet connection.

The ones I've seen so far are Level E, Gosick and Fractale. All quite decent in their own right.

Level E is mostly comedy, it started out sounding like it'd be a serious anime with a decent plot but I guess they threw it away in favour of comedy and shorts. I don't really mind it cause it's really amusing, but I did hope to see a good story for once.

Gosick is just a retitled sherlock holmes with moe-elements. It can be funny at times, most of it is just explaining and solving mysteries though, I'm always looking forward to the next episode. :]

Fractale... just started it today actually, looks decent enough, the idea is not completely new but its not very common like school animes.

The only manga I really really don't miss every week is one piece, so so awesome. Anyone can recommend a similar one? Or any good recent anime, I loved Eden of the East.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

12/3/11 - A LATE daily post.

A post about yesterday, cause I came home too late to make one yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up at 1, wasted some time doing nothing, then continue sleeping til 5PM. Watched some videos on youtube/megavideo. Then went to dinner at 9PM.

This was unusual but we had desert before actual dinner.

Banana Crumble. It was wayy sweet.

That was a friend's order, mine didn't come, my friend cancelled mine cause he was confused while ordering, no idea how but...yeah. I still got to steal some from them and another friend who couldn't finish hers. yum yum ice cream.

After that we went for dinner. it was almost 11PM by then. Latest dinner I've ever had. Shared a bacon and ham pizza among 5 people, luckily I was the only one who wasn't stuffed with dessert, more for me. :)


Went to have a drink after dinner, had a beer and a tequila shot. Shisha. Went to the club for a bit, was too cheap to order more drink, so asked a guy who was soloing a tower if I can have some. Free beer. :)

Really missing pool. Wanna play it soo bad but people were betting. Too expensive for me. Wanna swim too. Sigh. How can a uni have no pool. SUCKS.

That's all. Until I get bored again. Still don't know the city much yet, might post something bout it in a few months lol.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

07/03/11 - A daily post.

First day of school. Went to school at 8, about 5 mins late, no big deal. the class ended at 8.40 with another class at 10.30. So went out, had breakfast, visited the gas station and rested a bit at home. Went back at 10.30... waited 10 mins... lecture theater still empty. turns out the lectured was cancelled, and there was a notice at the door I failed to read. I did notice it, just didn't read. sigh. ah well, went back home to watch top gear and house then fell asleep, woke up, cooked lunch, watched Yogi Bear while eating. It was alright...

At night went with friends to dinner again, had nothing to cook my beef with. : | Hand out at my place for a bit after that.

Ah... life with internet, so much time can be wasted away doing meaningless stuff.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

06/03/11 - A daily post.

Well the past week without internet passed really slowly, wake up every day checking the modem to see if its connected, sigh, the stress from that.

It was actually orientation week, I didn't go though. :( will be completely new to everyone when class starts, ah well.

Drank a lot this week, beer beer, booze beer... gonna get a belly real soon... actually, already have one. meh.

The good thing about Miri is that the food is way cheaper than KK where I was from so save quite a bit there, waste hundreds on the booze though, need to cut back.

I'm currently staying with my sisters, rented a whole house, the house is alright a few broken things but overall pretty decent, and I live surprisingly close to my friends who's studying at the same place, a good thing.

ah yeah... went for an all you can eat BBQ/steamboat for dinner just now, so full now I can barely move or breath. haha. Unfortunately I only remembered to take a picture AFTER I finish my meal. FML, need to remember these things sigh.

Mess from 7 people, lots of plates cleared too.

The Meat Fridge

They had chicken, lamb, beef, prawns, crabs, fish, veggies(didn't take those), shaved ice and chocolate fondue. All for RM 25, about 8 USD? lol quite satisfied but won't be eating there too often, my normal meal cost about RM 4. LOTS OF MEAT. haa. Only took picture of the meat place cause that's important.

Class will be starting tomorrow, finally, hope to make lots of new friends. : )

INTERNET!! Finally!

So after a week of waiting for internet after applying it finally came... on a sunday morning. Happy.

I'll be posting again! : )

Lots to post about.

EDIT I dream about steam connecting before I woke up just now, when I woke up and check there was still no internet, after about 10 minutes in the toilet, came back, and wallah. awesomeness.

Actually slept at 4.30 just now, still a bit dizzy. Miri is alright, but looking at the picture in my posts just made me really hungry for food at home. : |