Tuesday, March 22, 2011

21/3/11 - A daily post.

I had class today, woke up at 7 for a class at 8, finally understood why the teacher said 'good afternoon' to me last time when I was late, she said 'good evening' to people who were really late. ...and here I was thinking a brit has bad English.

After class I pulled a friend to eat breakfast with me, also threw my motorcycle to a shop to change the front tyre's tube thing always breaks while we ate.

At 10.30 I reached my next class, exactly on time, so says the projected desktop, not my lecturer though, he got pissed, though some were really late, about 15 minutes into the class they stroll in.

I always liked his lectures though, manages to make things interesting always. It ended around 12 noon. Went home.

Went to town to get a microwave and to do something in the bank. Pulled another friend with me. Was out for less than an hour.

At night, went out for dinner at 8.30PM then came back to my house and watched "I Sell The Dead" was quite an amusing movie, I liked it. Just don't find movies often with that kind of atmosphere and music anymore.

That concludes another day of a bored person.

What do you do when you're bored?


  1. I might have to start writing down my daily muses and routine. haha

  2. I don't get bored. The world is too exciting.

  3. I guess I just get bored if my GF is at work and I don't have internet.

  4. Sucks being late to class :/, nice read.

  5. Ill have to look into I
    Sell The Dead.

  6. I also have problems with time. I´m late most of the time.... responding to your question, when I´m bore I read or watch my favorite tv series.

  7. Good one!
    Got yourself a new follower! :)

  8. Well I've had my share of late experiences.
    Even now when I am already working, I am constantly late. The only thing keeping me from being fired is my performance. Lol!

  9. nice day, didn't know the movie

  10. When i'm bored usually just go hang out with friends or something. Not much to do where I live though.

  11. When I'm bored I comment on blogs :P