Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wow, what a fail.

I just failed real hard just now. Tried going into battlenet in SC2, kept typing my character(?) name instead of my account name. My friend  was over just now wanting to hang out and hoped to play on my account, sadly I kept failing to notice what I actually had to type in. FML. sigh... after about 3 hours of fiddling, doing other things, looking up blizzard forums(to no avail) I finally realized my fail.

sigh... tomorrow is gonna be a long day, slightly sick so not gonna be drinking at all, on the other hand I just upgraded my broadband package, and they said it'll be activated within 3 days, soonest in 24 hours, so I hope it'll be sooner rather than later.

I'm lost on what to blog about again, I know there's some post I need to continue on, but my 'daily post' isn't working, there just isn't enough happening around me for me to write about, the last one was so boring. :| hmm... need to think of something.


  1. Not knowing what to write about happens to me a lot, try to watch a movie and tell us how it was.

  2. LOL dude that sucks. It's happened to me but I learned to always double-check things like that first. We've all done it before. xD

  3. Yeah, I hate when the answer is really obvious.

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  4. Gah, I haven't had that happen to me exactly, but similar things happen from time to time. I get really upset and think about all the stuff I could have done in the hours that I spent fixing it.