Sunday, March 6, 2011

INTERNET!! Finally!

So after a week of waiting for internet after applying it finally came... on a sunday morning. Happy.

I'll be posting again! : )

Lots to post about.

EDIT I dream about steam connecting before I woke up just now, when I woke up and check there was still no internet, after about 10 minutes in the toilet, came back, and wallah. awesomeness.

Actually slept at 4.30 just now, still a bit dizzy. Miri is alright, but looking at the picture in my posts just made me really hungry for food at home. : |


  1. Sucks being disconnected from the net

  2. Good to hear you have your internet back, Now go post some more blogs haha

  3. congratulations men, it's fucking boring to be without internet!!