Sunday, March 6, 2011

06/03/11 - A daily post.

Well the past week without internet passed really slowly, wake up every day checking the modem to see if its connected, sigh, the stress from that.

It was actually orientation week, I didn't go though. :( will be completely new to everyone when class starts, ah well.

Drank a lot this week, beer beer, booze beer... gonna get a belly real soon... actually, already have one. meh.

The good thing about Miri is that the food is way cheaper than KK where I was from so save quite a bit there, waste hundreds on the booze though, need to cut back.

I'm currently staying with my sisters, rented a whole house, the house is alright a few broken things but overall pretty decent, and I live surprisingly close to my friends who's studying at the same place, a good thing.

ah yeah... went for an all you can eat BBQ/steamboat for dinner just now, so full now I can barely move or breath. haha. Unfortunately I only remembered to take a picture AFTER I finish my meal. FML, need to remember these things sigh.

Mess from 7 people, lots of plates cleared too.

The Meat Fridge

They had chicken, lamb, beef, prawns, crabs, fish, veggies(didn't take those), shaved ice and chocolate fondue. All for RM 25, about 8 USD? lol quite satisfied but won't be eating there too often, my normal meal cost about RM 4. LOTS OF MEAT. haa. Only took picture of the meat place cause that's important.

Class will be starting tomorrow, finally, hope to make lots of new friends. : )


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, the highlight of my morning was Oatcakes and Jam lol.

  2. sahved ice is sick! have fun in class man

  3. the thing i most hate on internet:

    when i don't have it on a computer the computer becomes useless :(

  4. Yum, food. Good luck at the new school.

  5. Is this your first year at university? By the way, the pictures go really well with your post.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. lamb, beaf, that's yummy!! hahaha great post :D

  7. Best of luck on your first day!

  8. nice post, im hungry again...

  9. Great stuff! Followed!

  10. Nice looking meat fridge.