Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy busy.

Woke up today, hungry. Called a friend out for lunch, says he wants to continue Went and get my  passport on an empty stomach. Weather was perfect for riding, just a little sunshine, no rain, all was well.

So, got my passport, actually was just picking it up, went to make it the day before. Went to my next agenda of the day, handed in some photos for my student registration and to make a student ID, also, went to look around a near by mall for computer stuff and a HDMI cable but I didn't do any measurements on my PC for fans and such, so left empty handed. Called friend again, all he said was no. Had no choice went and buy some food to eat alone at home, asked my dad to check if he wants some, said no, mom was cooking but just enough for the 2 of them, went ahead and bought my food.

Reached home, saw enough fried rice for 5 people, raged a bit, though my dad was oblivious, must be getting senile. shit. Soon after finishing my food, friend called, said he'll pick me up, didn't say why, I had nothing to do, so what the hell right? Turns out he just wants me to accompany him to get a haircut, luckily was in the same mall I went earlier and I already did the measurements. After his hair cut, I went ahead and bought a CPU cooler and  2 casing fan. There goes my saving... =( Didn't get a HDMI though, gonna be using it for a week only anyways.

blah.. blah... blah...

Went out for dinner with a group of friends, friends couldn't finish their pizza so I packed it up and tagged it dinner. Mmm. Moved on to our next destination, friends wanted to shisha. Everything tasted of soap, even the water they server. Ugh. Ah, well.

Then I got home and spent about 3 hours installing everything I bought for my computer, tested it out, some buyer's remorse, not that the thing was bad, but...hmm.. well maybe it was just the wallet hurting.

Gonna sleep soon. It's 3.30AM. The blog has turned into my diary. haaa... the ways I think up of boring the masses. Not that boring of a day though. woo =)

~> I do have something interesting I've been thinking of but its kinda hard to type it out. Maybe when I'm really bored. Ah, and I plan to include some pictures in these posts as well. Maybe on my 4th post, not too sure yet.

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