Friday, February 18, 2011

Last day of Chinese new Year.

Well yesterday was the last day of Chinese New Year. For those that don't know of it its the new year according to the lunar calender. Lots of fireworks, lots of food, gambling, and most of all, people who are not married yet get red packets, with money inside. Oh joy!

Over the past few weeks I went to a few open-house organized by relatives and friends of my parents, been drinking a lot of soda and eating tons of junk food. Its really unhealthy but its only once a year and everyone go all out and have fun.

Every morning I would wake up to the sound of drums and ...erm...crashes(?) well the lion dance music. Well they don't really start until about 9 in the morning so can't blame them for the noise.

Last night, a few hours ago actually, went to my dads child hood friend's house for a huge open-house, guy is rich and has hundreds of guests. Lots of good food and a free flow of beers. Pretty awesome, it happens every year too and there's tons of lion dance crew he hires for the occasion. Its really too bad I don't have any pictures, not used to the whole recording everything I do yet. Also, had to leave early cause my mum saw someone with the same blouse and sister was a bit sick.

A few minutes after reaching home, received a message from a friend inviting me to play some pool with him. Of course I went, and luckily I did, I met a friend from a nearby town who was about to leave to another state for further studies. Played games in the cyber cafe until 2.30AM. Fun day.

Its really sad that most of my friends are away for studies though, would be so much more awesome.

~Really, really.. need to take picture, only have a 5megapixels phone. Should be good enough.~


  1. "had to leave early cause my mum saw someone with the same blouse"

    xD I lol'd dude.

  2. yea.. and it wasnt exactly the same too, sigh. such a big fuss over clothes.

  3. Thanks for posting on my blog.
    Chinese new year sounds awesome.

  4. Whoa that sounds like a fun holiday!

  5. Sounds like a decent end to the new year! Cyber cafe and pool? Good in my book!

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  6. sounds like it was a sick day/party. i should celebrate chinese new year even though i'm white :p

  7. actually you can just walk into an open-house even if you don't know the person lol, that's what it means by open...I never done it though, would be too awkward.

    If you're in malaysia that is haha not sure if they do the same elsewhere.